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Good To Know

A Guide to Beverage Shelf Life

While Pepsi and Coca-Cola products have an expiration date stamped on the bottom of the can, many other products have production dates stamped instead, and still others have indecipherable codes which may indicate the production date or the expiration date, making it quite confusing to know how fresh your drinks really are.

We guarantee the freshness of all our products upon delivery, and rotate your stock each time so that the older product is used first.

However, these "best taste" approximate shelf-life guidelines may be of assistance to you when ordering:  

  • Regular soda pop in cans — 8 months 
  • Any “diet” drink with artificial sweeteners — 3 months  
  • Juice  cans - 1 year 
  • Juice bottles – 9 months
  • Bottled Iced Tea — 9 months
  • Bottled water – 12 to 24 months


Tips on Making a Good Cup of Coffee

Use the best tasting possible water available. This is a key factor for a great cup of coffee. When you consider that coffee is made of approximately 98-99% water, you must use good tasting water. If you use plain tap water, be sure it doesn't have any strange flavors or odors. If it does, consider using a water filtration device.

Keep your coffee fresh. Whether you use bulk or portion packed coffee, keep in mind this is a perishable product and the taste will decline over time, so don’t purchase more than you’ll use in a few weeks. If you purchase ground coffee in bulk packaging, make sure to keep it in an air-tight container outside of the refrigerator. You can stock some extra in the freezer to be used within 2-3 months.

Store any freshly made coffee in a preheated air pot or thermos. This will preserve the quality of your coffee and retain its temperature. (If you keep it on a hot-plate it just constantly reheats and will taste burned after about half an hour)

Let your cup of coffee cool a bit. You will taste the flavor better at 130 to 140 degrees F rather than scalding hot.

Tips on making a good cup of tea

Use the best tasting possible water available and use the following temperature and steeping guidelines:

  • Black tea – use boiling water and steep 2-5 minutes
  • Green tea – boil water and let cool 3 minutes, steep 2-3 minutes
  • White tea – boil water and let cool 4 minutes, steep 2-6 minutes